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Jim Morton, author of The Piece, "Peridromophilia** Unbound," On William James Sidis, Perhaps The Smartest Person Ever Born

About Jim Morton, author of The Piece, "Peridromophilia** Unbound," On William James Sidis, Perhaps The Smartest Person Ever Born--I found this at a site. It is the only reference I discovered. (**Love of Street Car Transfers)
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 10:59:12 +0100
From: Moritz R ""
Subject: (exotica) Pop Void

Now that we discuss the "Funny Faces" I want to pay...
A tribute to Jim Morton:

In 1987 a magazine called "Pop Void" was published in San Francisco by Jim Morton. It was so ahead of its time that the #1 remained the only edition ever being put out (as far as I know). These were the chapters:

  • Those Keane Kids (about the paintings of Margret and Walter Keane)
  • Cars and Death (The world of Henry Gregor Felsen)
  • The Champagne Cult (A Tour of Lawrence Welk's Country Club Village Estates)
  • Ed Wood Jr. (The forgotten author)
  • I'm Strong But I Like Roses (A new look at Rod McKuen)
  • Next Year's Model (Automotive Design in the 50s)
  • Peridromophilia Unbound (William James Sidis)
  • Casa Bonita (The Disneyland of Diners)
  • Goofy Grape Where Are You? (The Funny Face story)
  • The Tonga Room (...)
  • Some Velvet Morning (Lee Hazelwood and the gods)
  • The Great American Dinner (Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinners)
  • Bathtime Fun (60s Novelty Soaps)
  • Broiled or Fried? (Understanding the Burger King/McDonalds dichotomy)
  • Naked in Paradise (Social Nudism in America)
  • Paper Dresses (...of the 60s)

  • plus backpages with "Gum Report" & "Conspiracy Corner". "For the curious, who wonder what future issues of Pop Void will bring. here is a partial list of things we hope to cover:" Jim says on page 112, and what follows are about 200 subjects that cover about anything we have discussed in this list or will discuss in the future, Martin Denny, Tiki gardens, Lava lites, Disco, Muzak, the Liberace Museum, Garbage Pail Kids, Julie London, LSD, Luaus, Martini parties, Colonel
    Sanders, Velvet paintings etc etc.

    I guess I could spend the rest of my days on earth just working off this list in my spare time. How about Mail order pets, Silly Putty, Polka clubs, Venus Flytraps, Gumby, Suicide Knobs, Bad recipes, The Trampoline craze of 1959, Elephant jokes, Magnetic underwear, Failed soft-drinks,
    Edible underwear, Bleeding Madras or White Gospel?

    "Pop Void" was one of the best $9.95 investions of my life.

    One question remains unanswered: Whatever happened to Jim Morton?????
    I found the above appreciation at this link. As it is stored as forum chat, Blogger won't hyperlink it, so copy and paste it into the URL window.


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